Tops: kinds and variants for matching

The top is an indispensable item of women’s wardrobe. Such comfortable and versatile clothing is present in different styles and colors. This will be a sign of good taste and style. Previously, tops were worn only as underwear. Today, this word is associated with many clothing, which can be combined with different items of wardrobe. They are worn under jeans, skirts, trousers, shorts, jackets, cardigans. Thanks to the extensive and quite interesting range of any, even the most sophisticated fashionista, will be able to find an option for herself. Such clothes are especially popular in the summer.

It is hard to imagine casual women's wardrobe without this practical and stylish clothing detail. It fits in the festive and elegant images. The top has a variety of models that can be combined with skirts, pants, jeans, suits. By definition, this is the upper part of women's clothing. The top has no sleeves. Also, the upper part of a swimsuit or underwear is included in this category.

Tops: kinds and variants for matching

This item of clothing is most often sewn from light flowing fabrics. Traditionally, the top is considered to be an element of the spring-summer wardrobe. But it is well-combined with other elements in multi-layered ensembles throughout the year. It can be made of warm dense fabrics. In this case, the top complements the autumn-winter suits with jackets.

Fashion is cyclical. Many of the things that were popular a few decades ago have again received incredible relevance today. It happened with the crop-top. This cute little thing has already won the hearts of many fashionistas. Modern designers offer a wide variety of this popular wardrobe detail. There are tops with long sleeves and straps. How to choose the right model and what to combine it with?

Varieties of tops

Before a girl will go for a new thing, she should figure out what types of tops there are. Fashioners can choose a different model, and the formation of the image will depend on it.

1. Crop-top is any shoulder garment of short length, in which the belly is open.

2. Top-bustier. This garment is a top, fitting exactly on the figure. A distinctive feature is the hard bones that make the bustier look like a corset. Such a provocative outfit is ideal for brave young ladies, especially if it is decorated with rhinestones, spikes or guipure.

3. Top-tube. This variant is the simplest of all. It is a strapless cropped top. Most often, such clothes are sewn from knitwear.

Tops: kinds and variants for matching

What to wear it with?

A floor-length skirt is a perfect complement to an open short top. As for the stylistic combination, the designers and stylists agreed that it is almost impossible to make a mistake here. Tight-fitting tops-bustier and tubes look spectacular in combination with maxi skirts made of light fabrics. The desired effect is achieved precisely because of the contrast of the forms.

It is desirable to combine cropped T-shirts, T-shirts and tops with long sleeves with long wide skirts in the boho style. Such variants will not be able ignored by lovers of country music, grunge, oversize and hippies.

“Clerical” skirt is one of the best things in a woman’s wardrobe. With a classic blouse, it looks stern and elegant, but it is nice to change the conservative top to the crop-top. The business lady instantly turns into a vamp woman. It should be remembered that such a dress can afford only the owners of a slim figure.

The combination of a clerical skirt and a short top with a free cut looks so impressive. However, for such a tandem the style of top should be chosen more carefully. The top with a long sleeve for girls and women is absolutely nice in combination with shorts.

Tops: kinds and variants for matching