Suits: when to wear?

Today there are some kinds of women’s suits. There are models with a focus on clear lines and a restrained color gamut. You can choose a "twin" consisting of a pencil skirt up to a knee and a jacket or trousers of a straight skirt and a jacket. There are suits in everyday style. These models are more relaxed and democratic. Among them, one can find naughty trousers in combination with a stylish elongated vest or romantic skirt to the floor with a light blouse in the sea style. One more kind is suited for home. Comfortable options with tunics and bridges or trousers that will allow you to look feminine even at home.

Creating their own image, women like experimenting with clothes, having in their wardrobe as a dress, as women's trouser suits. And in most cases, preference is given to trouser sets as the most stylish and comfortable clothes. At present, the current generation of fashionistas cannot even imagine that, even at the beginning of the last century, it was considered indecent for a woman to wear men's clothes. Trouser suits do not go out of fashion since its appearance in the women's wardrobe. Many generations of women are grateful to the legendary Coco Chanel, who in the 20s of the last century influenced the democratization of fashion. Women's trouser suits from that time are always in the trend of any season, and women, regardless of age and status, try to follow the fashion, and not to miss the new items that offered by designers. Women in trouser suits are always in the spotlight, whether they want or not, whether it is a classic or a romantic style.

Suits: when to wear?

The work of designers

Today in the trouser suits the female half of humanity goes to work or vacations, visits restaurants and theaters. Every year, designers present their new collections from classic models to creative versions of products for women. Sometimes they hit the imagination of women of fashion with their original cut and textures of fabrics with the effect of the metalized thread. Among the new products, there are always women's large pantsuits. Showing their outstanding imagination, designers are experimenting with the length of a jacket and trousers, collars, necklines and decor. They are trying to turn the serious image of a classic trouser suit into a more feminine one. Everything is done so that a woman with pleasure puts on the most beautiful suits of famous fashion houses.

What about office style?

Women's trouser suits for an office are primarily a business style. The image of a woman both in her career and in society depends on it. The trouser model with a double-breasted jacket from Chanel does not go out of fashion.

The unwritten rule of a business woman's suit is that a woman should wear a skirt in her office during the day and wearing pants in the evening. For special occasions

Suits: when to wear?

Suits for special occasions

There are always elegant clothes in a woman’s wardrobe. As one of the options, women's trouser evening suits are. This ideal clothing is suitable for celebrations and corporate events. In a pantsuit, a woman will impress business partners, who are present at the corporate party, holding the mark of a businesswoman. Evening version should not be designed in the classic style; on the contrary, it should contain bright colors and elegant decor.

An elegant pantsuit is perfect for a date. It should be beautiful, but not catchy, so as not to distract attention from the person of the girl to her suit. In an elegant suit, it is nice to play in contrasts: an original jacket will fit well with simple trousers, and vice versa. And, of course, women should choose shoes with heels.

Suits: when to wear?