Shorts: types and tips for combinations

Women have long borrowed clothes from a man's wardrobe as well as shorts. This item of men's wardrobe was first used by the female population during training sessions, demanding active action. The dress or skirt was uncomfortable, the trousers also shrugged movements, and the shorts came up as the best item. In sports, movements needed full freedom, and such easy and comfortable clothes as shorts, the girls really liked. And at the beginning of the XX century, fashion gave shorts for women. And today the couturier is pleasing the fashionistas by a variety of models and styles of this amazing thing.

Being an item of casual clothes for women today, shorts were borrowed from athletes who, by the nature of their activities, needed simple clothing that did not constrain movement. Tennis player Alice Marble is rightfully considered to be the discoverer of shorts for women. She started wearing these clothes. At first, her behavior was perceived negatively, but just a couple of years after that, many fashionable women adopted shorts and began to wear them as beachwear. In the end, this piece of clothing began to be noticed at the streets of big cities.

Shorts: types and tips for combinations

Types of women's shorts

Despite the fact that such a piece of clothing combines a relatively short length, they still have differences. Short high shorts are the main trend today. They have a high fit at the waist. They can be made from different materials, but most often from denim.

Wide and short shorts look like pajamas, and they are often made of light and flowing materials. This model has won the hearts of romantic girls.

Short sports shorts are often used as home ones. They also are used for their intended purpose for doing sport. They can have both high and medium fit, while their length allows girls to expose the legs completely. Materials for sewing are used elastic or knitted. Culottes have a wide leg, and their length can be either above or below the knee.

The skirt-shorts are covered in front with a strip of fabric to give the impression that the girl is wearing a skirt. In this case, they look like tight shorts on the back.

Bermuda shorts are shorts above or below the knee, which have a moderate width of the leg. Nickers are the shorts with free cut, which are characterized by the presence of cuffs. Cargo-shorts are those ones which have lots of pockets.

There is also one extra type of shorts which are made of elastic fabrics. They are designed for cycling. Their length is usually just above the knee. All described varieties of this clothing have their purpose and are relevant in different cases.

Shorts: types and tips for combinations

What to wear shorts with?

The classic option is a combination of denim shorts and white shirts. What else can women wear other types of such clothes? A rather stylish addition to shorts is a jacket, but in this form, a girl or woman can appear at an informal party. Even if at work there is no dress code, the shorts still remain under the unofficial ban.

Despite the fact that such a detail of the wardrobe is considered to be summer one, there are also warmed items. In this case, they can be combined with tight tights and pullovers. If a woman or girl has a good figure, she can afford a stylish combination of short white shorts with a high from the waist with various tops that are relevant in a certain season.

Shorts: types and tips for combinations