Kinds of women’s shoes

No image will be completed without a stylish pair of shoes. Women's shoes are an accessory that is able to convey with 100% accuracy the taste and preferences of its owner. For example, women who like to wear heels, often choose feminine and graceful images. Women who first appreciate comfort, buy shoes on a comfortable flat sole. Any outfit, depending on the chosen shoe, will look absolutely different. Try to wear a trouser suit and replace the elegant boot shoes with bright trainers. The office style will immediately turn into a casual style. The presence of various models of shoes in the wardrobe of any modern girl is not a whim, but a necessity.

Women's shoes are so diverse and numerous. Boots and shoes, sandals and loafers exist today. A man does not know even half of these mysterious words. Its history has several millennia. We can talk about them endlessly.

Kinds of women’s shoes

Women's boots

This type of shoe was purely utilitarian. Hard work, horse riding, and walking required strength and reliability, as well as protection from all sorts of negative impacts. Today, before the girl buys shoes of this type, it should be taken into account its appearance and convenience, as well as the type of product.

1. Half boots. This type of footwear is a kind of intermediate stage in the evolution of fashion from shoes to boots. This means that the legs will be half closed and sufficiently insulated for bad weather. The heel on them can be of various shapes and lengths.

2. High boots. A distinctive feature of this model is that such boots end above the knee, and it guarantees warmth to women's legs in any weather.

3. Wellington. At their core, Wellingtons are ordinary rubber boots. The main advantage of this model is waterproof in the rainiest weather. In addition, it is possible to select easily the desired print or color that fits a particular image.

4. Biker boots. This model of footwear has a rather wide top and the sole, which is thickened, in comparison with the usual sole. Distinctive details are around form at the toe and the square form of the heel. When buying this type of shoes, the girl needs to look at the strap at the top of the shaft carefully, which is responsible for the support of shoes on the foot. The most common version of this model is black boots, decorated with several different metal products.

5. Cossacks. This model remains biker boots. The most significant difference is the other form of the heel. It is trapezoidal in shape and has a great height. Also, the manufacturer can add bright large embroidery. In the front, the form is most often round or narrowed, but it can also be square.

Kinds of women’s shoes

Women’s shoes

It is impossible to imagine any wardrobe of a woman of any age without shoes. There are the following types:

1. Shoes with an open toe. If a woman buys such shoes, she needs to make a high-quality pedicure to be at her best, as the nails will be seen. There are two types of summer shoes: when you see only one or two toes, as well as a variant with completely open toes.

2. Shoes with an open heel. By the name, it is already clear that the distinctive feature of this model is the presence of a fully open heel, and the shoes themselves are held on the foot by the strap. They also require nice pedicure. When choosing, a girl needs to choose the size carefully; otherwise, the shoes will quickly wear out and will become unusable.

3. Pumps. A distinctive feature of this model is not only a long heel-stiletto but also a large cutout. This type completely eliminates the presence of any strap. Such shoes should be chosen in exact accordance with the size, otherwise, the legs will slip out all the time, and this will bring the only inconvenience. Besides, painful blisters will be formed with time, and it brings only pain in any walk.

Kinds of women’s shoes