Women’s pants

Many items of modern women's wardrobe are borrowed from men. Pants are no exception. Today they are a good alternative to jeans, skirts, and dresses. In the wardrobe of each woman, there are necessarily a few pairs of beautifully seated pants. Various shapes of women's trousers are combined with any top. You can easily pick up a classic pants model for an official meeting, a stylish pair for a party or a comfortable free cut for meetings with friends and long walks around the city. The most popular dark colors of women's trousers are deep purple, olive, emerald green, noble gray and classic black.

More and more different models of pants are becoming classics, and each model requires certain shoes, accessories, and tops.

Women’s pants

Pants which are flared off the knee with the lowered waist. Always girls need to wear low waist pants with a top that will adequately cover the belly and back. They can also wear a narrow top, emphasizing the slim figure and fitting the upper body down to the waist and even below the waistband of the pants.

The heel will add to girl’s height, which visually is taken by the low waistline of pants. And make sure that the pants are long enough to cover the top of the shoe beautifully. Women should be attentive. No matter how perfect the figure is, any blouse, hanging over a trouser belt, will look like the woman is trying to hide a small tummy or pregnancy.

Skinny pants. If the length of the trousers is below the knee, women should wear them with high boots or shoes of the same color as the pants, in order to make the legs appear as long as possible. It is very important that there is no gap between the upper part of the boot and the pants, even when the woman is sitting. Or the girls can try to wear high-heeled shoes with dark opaque tights. Slightly massive and not high boots with a rounded form at a toe and a patterned leather heel, in this case, will look better than shoes with a pointed form at the toe.

Women can also visually increase their height by minimizing their upper body with a narrow jacket or a tight-fitting sweater. A wide sweater will create a wonderful look for the weekend.

Decorative fabrics or fabrics for creating evening looks will be well combined with evening shoes with high heels, which are fastened on the ankle with a strap.

But there is one nuance. If a girl is slim and not tall, then she should choose only narrowed pants, the top should also be narrow or tight, and shoes should be with high heels. This will avoid visually reducing growth.

Women’s pants

Pants with low or high waist. Pants with high waist perfectly extend the legs, so a girl can safely buy them if she likes to wear shoes without heels. Long, straight, extended from the hip pants in combination with a wide belt in the Japanese style, which will create a high waist, will look great with shoes on a flat sole. This will help to create a special evening look (for example, if a woman works as a hostess). In this case, she should choose shoes of the same color as the pants.

For miniature women who like to wear pants widened from the hips, low waist combined with a small thin heel will avoid the effect of short legs. With any pants flared from the hip, a woman should either wear a tight-fitting top or minimize its volume using tight-knit or draped fabric. The spike looks too delicate under a wide leg. On the other hand, sandals on a platform with a stacked leather heel will look just amazing. What to remember? If a girl has not long legs or if her hips are massive enough in relation to the waist, the trousers with a low waist are not the best variant for her.

Women’s pants