Women’s hats

In many different countries, winter lasts a long time, and therefore at this time, it is necessary to purchase good warm clothes and accessories. After all, every woman, despite the cold, wants to be charming and attractive despite the weather outside the window. Therefore, the choice of a winter wardrobe should be taken with special attention. Each woman should have a good set of outerwear: from an elegant coat to a semi-sports jacket and a hat. Every item needs to be matched with suitable accessories that will help to diversify your style. One of the most important winter accessories is a hat. It is simply impossible to walk without a hat in the winter. That's why every girl needs to have enough hats in her wardrobe, suitable for different styles.

Women's hat is one of the most important accessories in the wardrobe. But now we remember about it only in summer in order to protect ourselves from the sun. However, let's look at the basic forms of hats, on the basis of which women can create their own luxury models. According to the historian of the fashion, Colin McDowell, there are only two types of headgear: a cap and a hat. It's very simple. But is it really so?

Women’s hats

Kinds of hats

1. Hat with cuffs or it is also otherwise called the "Southwest" or pilot's hat. This hat is good because it can change the position of the brims in different versions, as well as their size and width. The brims can be turned off completely or partially. Their absence behind is possible.

2. Breton. This hat can have more or less high brims that are raised up. The hat received its name from the French Brittany, where similar hats were common.

3. Bolero. The name comes from the Spanish language. As you know, the beloved jacket of many women also has a similar name. Its origin is borrowed from the suit of the bullfighter. And such hats were also a common headdress in Spain, especially in Spanish national dances.

4. Hat boater. This hat is also called ‘matelot’. This word is translated from French as ‘sailor’. A hat with straight horizontal brims, the dimensions of which can be both larger and smaller, the brims can be both rounded and angular.

5. Kapelina. Capelina has a soft form, around the crown of medium height and sufficiently large, even and horizontal brims that are slightly raised.

6. Cylinder. It is the favorite hat of Marlene Dietrich. It is very similar to the male cylinder, but its crowns are somewhat lower and the brims are coquettishly raised from the sides.

7. Bell or cloche. This hat has different options, for example, a cap, a cloche with a deep brim, a cloche with a wide brim. In all cases, there are brims, but they are the shortest in the cap, and in the wide-brimmed closh they are naturally the largest.

8. Hat-flapper. The hat's shape is soft, brims are rather large, but hanging in uneven flounces, slightly covering the face of the lady.

Women’s hats

9. Hunting hat. This hat has many options. The brims are bent on the sides upwards, in the front, they are only slightly rounded up. Women can wear such a hat downing over the forehead slightly.

10. Hat with the wide brim. Brims can be really very large, slightly tilted both in front and behind; they slightly fluctuate when the girl walks. Women should be able to wear such a hat in the way Sophia Loren can do.

11. Tyrolean hat. Its shape is somewhat reminiscent the shape of a hunting one. Its back brims are also raised up, but in front, they are lowered down. The shape of the hat is soft. It is borrowed from the national suite of Austria, where it is called “Salzburg”. This is an alpine hat, which fits well with casual clothing.

12. Hat-tablet. Such a hat was worn by Jacqueline Kennedy. The hat really looks like a tablet. It can be worn on the back of the head, opening the face and even the hair, and, on the contrary, it can be moved forward closing the forehead.

Women’s hats