Women’s handbags

The women's handbag is not only a must-have accessory in the wardrobe of every modern woman but also a reflection of her character, taste and even mood. To get out of the house without a bag, is just like to forget to put on shoes. After all, the handbag keeps so many small little things that women need, without which they will feel like without a hand. Women are limited with one such accessory for all occasions very rarely. Ladies are happy to experiment with color and shape, pick up different models for their outfits, thereby showing style and individuality.

Women's handbag is an essential attribute of the wardrobe, while the type, shape, and type of accessory are selected depending on the situation. There are handbags for shopping which are practical and comfortable, for traveling bags are reliable, for parties they are elegant, and for work, bags are stylish and concise.

Women’s handbags

Classification of women’s handbags

The silhouette of the accessory may have different outlines. The most common are a square, vertical or horizontal rectangle, triangle, circle or semicircle. In addition, the type of form can be free. This category includes designer women's bags or models made to order: for example, in the form of a diamond, a butterfly, etc.

Depending on how the products keep their shape, there are:

• rigid;

• soft;

• semi-rigid.

Rigid handbags are of two kinds. The first ones are made of relatively hard materials: eco-leather, genuine leather, lacquer (synthetic leather with a glossy surface. The second kind has a rigid frame, covered with textiles (tapestry), leather, suede. The most common rigid women's handbags are classic models, a briefcase, a diplomat, a bag-folder, which organically fit into the business images. In addition, the suitcases and handbags have rigid frames, and they are practical companions of any travel.

Soft models are made of fabric. Such products are especially in demand because they are used for shopping. They are often used instead of the usual packages. Shoppers have a presentable appearance, and they allow women to place purchases accurately.

Semi-rigid bags have a compacted base. This type of women's handbags is ergonomic, versatile, practical.

Classification of bags can be determined depending on the type of wearing: shoulder (shopper, hobo), over the shoulder (bag-sling, hippie), on the wrist (pouch), waist, in the hand (dome).

Women’s handbags

How to make the right choice

Types of classifications can serve as an excellent guideline in choosing a model that will organically combine with the style of girl’s image. For girls who value freedom of movement, it’s better to choose a compact backpack or hobo bag. Those, who prefer sophistication and rigor, should choose among the classic women's handbags.

When a girl looks at the accessory for everyday wear, it is important that the documents in such a handbag are not creased. It is better to pay attention to the product with a rectangular or trapezoidal silhouette with a rigid frame. If women need a model for walking with children, then, in this case, it is better to give preference to comfortable products with a long handle or a backpack. Elegant women's accessories for an evening outlet should harmoniously complete their looks.

The classification of women's handbags allows navigating among the many options presented, and the name of the forms help to choose the desired accessory. Before a girl gives preference, she should answer herself the question – for what purposes the model is chosen. Do not forget that style is, above all, a way of life.

Women’s handbags