Kinds of women’s coats

The coat is perhaps one of the most popular elements of women's wardrobe. And this is not accidental, because more practical things are unlikely to be found. Firstly, the women's coat, as one of the most beloved types of outerwear, perfectly warms up in cold weather. In such models, you are not afraid of any cold! Moreover, they do not create the effect of "armor" and perfectly pass the air, allowing the skin to breathe. At the same time, not only comfort is important for a woman that is why the coats are made in accordance with the most modern fashion trends. A variety of colors and styles will allow every fashion designer to find the right model.

Raincoats and coats are indispensable in the women's wardrobe. They will help to protect from piercing wind and rain. When choosing them, it is important to take into account the features of the figure. After all, properly selected outerwear can emphasize the dignity of woman’s figure and hide some of its features.

Kinds of women’s coats

Choosing a coat

The most common type of coat is classic or English. Straight cut, straight shoulder line, strict English collar – there are peculiarities of this model. It has many options and it is the most practical model, combined with any clothes, and looks great unbuttoned. It is characterized by narrow sides and a single line of buttons, which can be hidden, with a so-called buckle fastener.

There is also double-breasted English coat with wide doubled flaps and two rows of buttons. Usually, only 1 row is made functional. It looks very stylish but requires more careful selection of clothing.

The coat trapeze or the swinger will decorate the girl with any figure. Flared from the shoulder, it is usually sewn or shortened to the knee. It is distinguished by a light, mobile silhouette, and a stand-up collar. Such a model is an ideal one as outerwear for pregnant.

Trench coat (or Burberry – on behalf of its creator) was sewn for the British military at the beginning of the 20th century. But modern designers have adopted this type of coat. It is sewn straight or slightly fitted and knee-length. Trench coats are decorated with a yoke and a spline on the back, shoulder straps, and half-belts on the sleeves. A fold-over collar with lapels and a fabric belt in the loops will help to identify it.

The French-style coat, or a la Jacqueline Kennedy, was invented specifically for her by Hubert de Givenchy. It is always shortened, with narrow shoulders and a high waist. Often it is sewn with short sleeves and ideally combined with long gloves.

Kinds of women’s coats

Choosing a coat by fabric

There are too many options for sewing a coat. What to choose?

The most popular fabric for sewing a coat is wool and its variety. It is warm. It does not require special care, does not fade in the sun. The wool coat will look new after rain and will not cause trouble with cleaning. The biggest disadvantage is that it is important to protect such fabric from moths.

The most expensive and elegant fabric for a coat is considered to be cashmere. It is very light, soft, warm, and easy to clean. But with constant use pellets appear on such clothes.

Warm and tight boucle is very comfortable to wear, but it requires special care to avoid the appearance of puffs and loops.

The most practical material for a coat for a cold autumn or spring is leather. It keeps its shape perfectly, it is not afraid of rain. Such a coat will serve for a long time because even if it is rubbed in some places, it is easy to tint.

A spectacular suede coat is the sexiest and most impractical. It is very difficult to take care of it and not every suede coat will be ready to serve after dry cleaning. Moreover, this material is not very warm, so it is necessary to choose models with insulation, for example, from natural fur.

Kinds of women’s coats